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Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines

Post by s-tasis on 16.12.15 0:39

This blog will provide all types of material, and will use a variety of tags to organize it all.  If you submit any material, you must tag it appropriately, please, so that it will be easier for viewers to find.  Always check the boxes labeledsubmission,survival, survivalism, prep, prepper and zombie apocalypse, and also check the boxes that describe the type of material you’re submitting.  Lastly, titles are only optional if you’re not posting articles or links.
You may, of course, use more than one tag to describe your submission.  To help you determine which tags to use, please refer to the guide below:

  • Accessories & Tools // add-ons to other survival gear relevant to survival and/or emergency situations, such as water bottles, waterproof matches, etc.
  • Art // self-explanatory, really.  Any submission that is for viewing pleasure only and does not contribute to information necessary to (zombie) survival.  This does not include infographics visually providing valuable information.
  • Articles // articles pertaining to any form of survival, zombie-related or not.  These do not include news articles (those have their own tag).
  • Books // any books pertaining to survival, zombie-related or otherwise.
  • Clothing // interesting and/or unique clothing items you come across that would somehow benefit an individual during a survival situation.  These include shoes, head-wear, socks/leg coverings, and gloves.
  • First Aid // items that will assist in healing in regards to injuries and/or illnesses in emergency situations.
  • Food & Drink // submissions pertaining to long-term food storage, food and drink luggage, water purification, and special/unique/interesting foods or drinks that might improve performance during a survival situation.
  • Hygiene // material pertaining to cleanliness and hygiene regiments, post-apocalyptic style.
  • Household // DIY household products necessary to hygiene and other necessities, such as making your own soap, laundry detergent, etc.
  • Links // links redirecting viewers to important/relevant websites pertaining to prepping and/or survival (of any kind).  Chances are, if it can be used in an ordinary emergency situation, it can be used in a zombie apocalypse situation.
  • News // news reports pertaining to strange/odd activity and/or behavior that may be initial warning signs of a zombie outbreak.
  • Outdoors // topics pertaining to normal outdoorsy activities, such as hunting, fishing, tracking, etc.  These all should be tagged here.
  • Pets // realistically, survivalists will sometimes have animal companions — this will especially be true in a zombie apocalypse.  All pet-related material should use this tag.
  • Places // the best places to be when a zombie apocalypse strikes (for example, a deserted or densely populated island).
  • Recipes // special recipes with survival situations in mind, many of which many seem unsavory now and will be acquired tastes.
  • Shelter // the best places to take shelter in any number of survival situations: during inclement weather, escape, and, of course, the best places to shack up in during a zombie apocalypse.
  • Tips & Tricks // little lifehacks that could make all the difference.
  • Travel // the best methods of travel during any number of various survival situations.
  • Vehicles // necessary, and preferably, DIY modifications to cars, trucks, bikes, etc.
  • Videos // of course, for video submissions related to the overall topic.
  • Weapons // self-made and/or manufactured weapons.
  • Weather // how to survive different types of dangerous weather situations.

Any submissions that do not meet these requirements will be ignored/deleted.  I hate to be such a prude, but this blog must be efficient.  DO IT OR

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